Pan de crema ácida y moras azules / Sour Cream-Blueberry Bread

Bueno, pues porfn empecé a usar m panera y ya salió mi primer bebé. Por supuesto que escogí algo con blueberries. Sólo que no le puse la crema ácida porque nos la terminamos hace dos días que mi mamá nos mandó tamales de lonche. jiji. Bueno, pues la hechura fue una odisea. La panera parece que sirve nada más para dar la forma y hornear bien lo de abajo. Pero todo el centro y lo de arriba quedó mega aguado. Voy a tener que calcular mejor los tiempos. Lo tuve que meter al horno a las 2:30 am y lo acabo de terminar ahorita a las 5:00 am... estoy murida... pero bien contenta! =)

Well, today I finally started using my Breadmaker and my firt baby is out. Of course I chose something with blueberries. I just didn't add the sour cream because we finished it with some tamales my mom sent us for lunch a couple of days ago. Well, the making was a complete odyssey. The breadmaker seems to only work for giving the correct shape and baking the bottom. I think I need to train more to calculate better times. I ended up sticking the bread to the oven from 2:30 am until now 5:00 am.... I'm dead.... but very happy! =)



  1. This looks very good. I hope it tasted good. I am thinking of the tamales! I love those and am sad that I live in a part of the United States that does not understand what a good tamale is!

  2. It certainly looks good! I have a bread machine....I've found they work great for regular savory type breads, not so good for dessert or sweet types...

    Happy experimenting, though. :D

  3. Thanks Cynthia! Oh yes, it did taste good, but I'll tell you... nothing like those tamales. I'm a tamale nut! We've always bought them, but this year I learned to make them, they are such hard work!!! I don't know how they sell them so cheap (at least here in Mexico).

  4. Thanks Cam!! That's an excellent tip! Maybe all I needed is to not use so many liquid ingredients... I'm sure the breadmaker works just fine. Hope you upload some of your baked goodies in your blog so I can see and learn! =)

  5. Ohhh. Looks yummy! HayleyK from Swap-Bot


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