New beginning

This blog has been created to take control of my ridiculous life.... A new time to make good habits.... even if it it the middle of april.

Plan to:
- Quit smoking
- Cook something different everyday
- Eat healthy
- Go to some excersing classes (Suggest: Boxking)
- Learn french
- Start saving for trips
- Have fun in the process.

11:46 am
Smokes: 0 (v. good)
Meals: 0 (v. bad)
Excercise: nothing (v. bad)

5:09 pm
Smokes: 0 (v. good) Dying for one, though...
Meals: soup, vegetables and chicken (v. good)

Checking into my day, it seems I can't actually pay for boxing lessons so I've decided to make some exercise progress with the terrible elliptical machine I have at home.


  1. Hmm, sip. Definitivamente es mejor idea ahorrar para viajes que para clases de boxing. Con todo y la "resolution" de hacer ejercicio y demás. A fin de cuentas, esto de trata de journeys/cooking/writing.

  2. Seguro la idea del boxing te la metió David, haha. Bueno... no sé. ¡Qué ruda, Mich! Pero, ni modo. A darle con la elíptica, pues. Abrazos.

  3. I try and cook something new every week so that I can expand my repertoire. Thankfully I only cook once a week because I have a wonderful boyfriend who cooks for me!



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