Fuck the Matrix

I'm taking a class called Fuck the Matrix... and I will. I'm just waiting for the right idea to pop into my head.

Self note: Must look outside my world for inspiration. Maybe go to a museum finally and try to fulfill one of this year's goals.  Good one!

Ok... also wrote 3 letters yesterday, very nice! Actually finished two and brought the unfinished third one to work...  So this goal is coming along.

Smokes.... Shit, I smoked like 4 cigarettes yesterday... After 4 days of not smoking at all... But will try to stay positive as I smoked 1 case per day a week ago, so it's not that bad.

Food.... not so great. Need to keep working at it and reminding me of all the good/better bedding that comes with the new confidence ... not to mention sexy stuff to take off. ;-)


  1. ¿Qué demonios es "Fuck the Matrix"? ¿Realmente es un curso? xD

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  3. I love the picture with To Do list - I think it's brilliant. Thank you so much for stopping my Blog.

    A&J (Alexandra and Julia) Swap-bot


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